Saturday, July 24, 2010

Do You Have Asthma Symptoms?

Not every person that experiences asthma has the same symptoms as someone else who has asthma. You can be having different triggers at different times of the day, depending on if you have allergy induced symptoms, or food induced symptoms.

Some people with Asthma could go long periods of time between attacks; some are prone to having frequent attacks. Mild attacks seem to be more common, more so in adults than in children. Some people may have increased asthma attacks when sick or ill with a virus or colds.

It is very important that you understand how some asthma symptoms might affect you, this could help you avoid trips to the doctor, and even emergency room visits. Watching for the early signs of an asthma attack can make a big difference on what happens later when a full blown attack comes.

A clue that your asthma could be worsening are these:

• Worsening allergy symptoms, dark circles under your eyes, a nonstop runny nose, or even inflamed skin.
• Wheezing and coughing during normal physical activities, like walking or running.
• Getting tired doing things that would normally be easy for you to do.
• Not sleeping well, waking up and not feeling fully awake.

Researchers believe that there are several different patterns of asthma, all relating to a single condition. But some feel that there are separate forms of conditions that exist in the lungs themselves. Currently, there has been no cure found for Asthma sufferers, and no exact cause has been diagnosed.

To monitor how quickly air flows in and out of your lungs, you can use a device called a peak flow meter; it can help determine when an asthma attack is coming. You can see more clearly when a child or adult is in need of medications sooner than later. Best results are a sign of a value below 50%, this low percentage shows you could be having a severe attack coming on.

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