Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Diabetes and Its Serious Health Effects

Worldwide diabetes has been an issue. It has affected a lot of people just because they are unaware of the warning signs but it can easily be treated.

This is an issue that affects when metabolism is not proper. The chemical process that takes place in the human system is called the metabolism and we will not know what's happening inside. One of them is the change of sugar into the respective chemical glycogen and this is nothing but power.

Diabetes is of two types, type I and II. Type II is due to lack of insulin. Type I is caused when the insulin is not properly used. Insulin is the main key in converting sugar into energy. When this is not properly used, then the excess of sugar is excreted in the urine.

The identifications of blood sugar are frequent passage of urine, hungry and a thirsty feeling. There is another condition called diabetes insipidus which is characterized by the frequent passage of urine that brings out all the water from the body and this happens due to the lack of vasopressin. This plays the major role in kidney functions.

The correct blood sugar rate is around 70 and 110 mg/dl. High blood sugar is when the rates are above 110 mg/dl. Below 70 is low blood sugar. When the condition is not treated then it can lead to loss in weight because it uses all the wanted nutrients in the body.

The simple conditions can lead to a lot of harm. It can cause serious issues like blind eyes, infected wounds and gangrenes. This can also be fatal and can lead to kidney dysfunction.

Intake of lot of fruits and vegetables with a good exercise is advisable. Tinned foods, sugar should be avoided.

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