Thursday, June 2, 2011

Psychological Influences on Cancer

It is a marvelous thing that stub of research and clinical efforts have focused on the role of psychosocial support to cancer patients, namely those with a high level of distress resulting from the process of diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Psychosocial support component consists of informative, instrumental, emotional, Affirmation, and assessment. Studies conducted by Sandin and colleagues (de Groot, 2002) explains that women, especially in the case of breast cancer have more experience and feelings of fear and anxiety is greater. This fact is supported by other research. Colegrave et. al (2002, 303) explains that there is increased level of fear and depression in women with breast cancer cases, and even emotional distress level is reached on the clinical phase-pathologis.

Some other research also concluded that (Barnes et al., 2002) on the parents / adults are faced with diseases that threaten the life of chronic health conditions and found that experience fear (anxiety), depression (depression), and trouble - other emotional difficulties. Based on the results of this research, the women who have one diagnosis of cancer disease for many decisions that are difficult. The potential psychological distress, and if an actual jog directly with other factors such as how to give a description of the family members, especially children under the age of 21 years. There is a tendency for women to avoid the impression of children and the fear-fear. Situation such as this will only lead to patterns of communication that does not become more meaningful.

One explanation may be the causal assumptions of the problem while hipotetik-psychological problem caused by physical conditions chronic earlier is “the world’s sick people, emotions, He became king; mind busy by fear” (Goleman, 1997) . The emotional, so someone can be destroyed when exposed to pain, mental because most people are based on the illusion can not be sick. Sick, sick, especially heavy, destroying illusions, and the personal opinion of the world a safe and prosperous. Suddenly ago someone feel weak, it does not, powerless, vulnerable, and loss of mental strength. In the pain of cancer and other chronic pain that can not be understood in a cognitive-only scheme, but the problem becomes more complex when the system ignores the potential medical and emotional reaction to the patient. A lack of awareness on the emotional reality of the patient does not mean that evidence of an increasingly accumulate that indicates that the emotional state can play a role sometimes in very means to overcome the fear of disease and in the direction towards healing. Modern medical care often lose their intellect unduly emotional.

In 1974 (Goleman, 1997), a laboratory findings in the School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Rochester, re-write the body’s biological map. Robert Ader, a psychology expert, found that the body’s immune system, such as the brain, capable of learning. The result is a surprising view of the applicable general medicine in the world (only the brain and central nervous system that is capable of responding to change with the experience of their behavior). Ader findings on the investigation of what was then known as the thousands of ways of communication between the central nervous system and immune system, the biological pathways that make the brain, emotions, and the body does not separate, but closely involved with it. Until Ader announced the surprising finding that, each expert medical anatomy, medical doctor, biologist and still be convinced with the conservative theory of the brain and the body’s immune system is a separate unit, with each other does not affect each other. That suspicion people during a century. For many years since the publication of findings that, finally appears on the new view of the relationship between the body’s immune system and central nervous system. Learn about the field of medical science psikoneuroimunologi is very important. It recognizes the existence of a relationship: psiko or mind; Neuro or neuroendokrin system (which includes the nervous system and hormone system); immunological or immune system. Thus, the potential emotional affairs in which the cancer disease has a fairly extensive scale.

Although many research results that show the influence of psychological condition of cancer patients experience distress (in this case, depression), Hann and colleagues (de Groot, 2002) revealed the findings of research in the scale large enough that cancer patients who always obtain social support was positively associated with reduced depression. As well as psychosocial support on a wide range of breast cancer. This support is enough to help repair the relationship with the health and quality of life for people with breast cancer. Even some of the literature states that the (de Groot, 2002) there is a consistent relationship between social support is low with a decrease in physical and mental health someone. Communication plays an important role in the formation of the confidence and the rigidity of a cancer. In the case of breast pain (Barnes et. Al., 2002), when the children be told about the suffering faced by the parents, in fact there is evidence that the level of care parents declined and communication in the family experienced a significant improvement.


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